Re-vegetation Services

Vegetation Management with Perfect Earth

Direct Seeding and Re-vegetation Services Include:

Perfect Earth adheres to the best industry practices in the design and implementation of re-vegetation services.

Urban Tree Planting and Native Tree Planting Services

Our tree planting services can add green life to urban areas, as well as aid in preserving and restoring native habitats. We’ve experience in tree planting for both landscaping and land reclamation purposes, so, rest assured, the service we provide will be both knowledgeable and highly experienced.

Direct Seeding

When it comes to re-vegetating sites, direct seeding is one of the more economical and effective options, in that it is usually quick, and usually results in healthy, industrious plants with good root development. We make sure that the seeds we use are healthy, and that the earth is in the best condition for seed growth, thereby ensuring optimal and desired plant growth for our clients’ purposes.

Vegetation Maintenance and Restoration

Our knowledge and experience allows us to help you select vegetation that’s most fitting to the environment that’s to be restored: the right kind of trees planted in the right place aid in providing food and shelter to native wildlife, promotes biodiversity, and also helps in managing soil erosion.

We also offer the following services:

  • Site Selection
  • Species Suitability and Selection
  • Erosion Control Systems and Measures
  • Soil Nutrient Testing
  • Application & Incorporation of Ameliorants and Nutrients
  • Weed Spraying Via Quick Spray Unit, Knapsack, ATV, Boom and Boomless Sprayers
  • Deep Ripping
  • Direct and Non-Direct Tractor Native Seeding
  • Supply & Installation of Mulch
  • Supply & Installation of Jute Mat/Mesh and/or Geotextiles
  • Re-vegetation by Either Direct Seeding of Native Seeds or Planting of Tube Stock
  • Supply & Installation of Fertiliser/Water Crystals
  • Watering Via Hi-Tech Water Truck and/or Irrigation Systems
  • Installation of Weed Protection
  • Installation of Macropod and Hare Protection
  • Maintenance of Revegetation Sites
  • Hydrophobic Soil Remediation
  • Vegetation Control Services
  • Native Planting Design
  • Native Habitat Restoration

Further specialist services include:

  • Infill Planting
  • Mine Site Re-vegetation
  • Industrial Re-vegetation
  • Green Space Re-vegetation
  • Soil Management Plans
  • Acid Sulphate Soil Treatment
  • Land Management

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