Stone Burier/RotaDairon

Stone Burier/RotaDairon

We operate two stone burying machines:

• A 1.2 metre wide unit that fits our 5 T skid steer. This unit cultivates and buries debris up to 75mm in diameter; roots and branches are generally mulched or removed by hand subject to their size. Ideal for small, difficult, steep or detailed projects.

• A 3 metre wide unit that fits our tractor – more suited to large open areas that requires hectares of work to be completed in a short period of time, buries debris up to 150mm in diameter. Twin air seeder capable of seeding and fertilising at the same time.

Both units work in the opposite direction of a rotary hoe and at only 33% rotation speed. The blades are designed to break out the soil rather than chop the soil thereby improving the soil structure rather than damaging it.

Material is layered from larger at the base to smaller at the top thus providing an ideal growing bed for turf application, seeding or hydromulching.

The added benefits of the RotaDairon stone burying machine include:

• Improves the soil structure
• Combines ameliorants throughout the soil profile with 100% accuracy
• Levels the soil using the levelling bar
• Optional direct seeding of native and/or exotic seeds, application of fertiliser and ameliorants.
• Reduction of trip hazards
• Creates an ideal growing medium
To date we have provided this service to most of our clients and have covered in excess of 227 hectares.

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Stone Burying with Skid Steer – Soil Preparation of Sports Field

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